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Automation Technology is recently the most used inmanufacture industries. It can rise efficiencyand reduce production problem. By automation we canset the maximum efficiency stage you want andminimize the risk of human errors.

Custom Machine
We help customer to have their own special needs in machinery that you cannot found commonlyin the market. Even there you can get one; mostly there must be limited usage of purpose instead ofunused or unneeded functions, and it cause inefficiency matter.
Customized machine can give you solution to cut the inefficiency cost by the only function youreally need and it will make you smile?.

Jigs & Fixture

“Jig” and “Fixture” are often referred to as synonyms, while sometimes both are used together as jigs-fixtures. Although both jig and fixture are used in the mass production process, functionally, the two are quite different tools.

Let us go through the main points which differ a Jig from a fixture.

Jigs Fixtures
A jig controls and guides the machining tool A fixture holds and supports the component precisely for machining operations
Jig ensures accuracy, repeatability, and interchangeability The fixture provides a reduction in error by holding a component firmly on a table
Jigs are usually on the lighter side The fixture is bulky, rigid, and heavy
Jigs can be put in place and held by hand pressure Fixtures are always placed firmly on a machine table
Some of the standard jig functions are drilling, reaming, tapping, and boring Fixtures are used explicitly in milling machines, slotting machines, and shapers
Jigs cost more Fixtures are not that cost-savvy compared to Jigs
Jigs require intricate design operations Fixture design operations are relatively less complicated